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At Caņada Hills Dental, we know that an educated patient is a happy patient. That's why we've compiled some great information to help you learn more about the options available to you through our practice. We hope you find this information helpful and enlightening.
1) Arizona Smokers Helpline
2) Busting The Denture Myths
3) Contouring and Shaping Your Teeth
4) Cosmetics aren't just make-up anymore
5) Easy Improvement to your Overall Health
6) What you need to know about Gum Disease
7) Oral Longevity
8) The Proactive Care Prophy Pak
9) Root Canal
10) Scaling and Rooting Planning
11) Watch Your Mouth!
12) Women and Periodontal Disease
13) Home Care Instructions for Your New Dentures and Tissue Health
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Smile University
14) Are Braces Just For Kids?
16) Can I improve the Appearance of my Smile?
15) Bonding to Improve Your Smile
17) Cancer Directions
18) Dental Implants
19) How Can I Care for my Child's Teeth?
20) How do my eating habits affect my teeth?
23) New Crown Post-Op Directions
21) How can I help prevent cavities?
22) Nutrition during Post-Radiation
24) Office Philosophy
25) Our Approach to Oral Health
29) Toxicity of Dental Materials
26) Patient X-Ray Information
28) Tooth Extractions
30) Why should missing teeth be replaced?
31) Your First Visit
27) Periodontal Maintinence