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To make your visit comfortable and stress free, we have designed non-threatening, open-bay reception and treatment areas. We have state-of-the art delivery systems and provide all phases of dentistry from implants to Oral Surgery to Cleanings /Periodontal care. We also have portable CD and radio headsets to listen to. We try to adhere to pre-set appointment times in an effort to be considerate of your time, and always make time to see emergency or non-scheduled patients in discomfort.

 We are fully computerized and “paperless”. We use the Kodak 6000 Digital X-Ray System to secure and record data about your teeth with Digital X-Rays, we use 90 % less radiation, and films are available for viewing and reviewing in seconds with the doctor or hygienist in order to ensure you receive the best possible dental treatment. All data is securely stored offsite and complies with all HIPPS, OSHEA & Common Sense Standards. Intraoral video imaging and Digital X-Rays with a CDR involves the use of a small camera with a fiber optic light source small enough to be placed within the mouth. (CDR is a computerized imaging system that utilizes an electronic sensor where dentists would normally use film. The sensors produce sharp and clear X-ray images that appear almost instantly on a computer monitor. Acquisition of CDR images uses up to 90% less radiation than conventional film x-rays. The images are instantly stored and never degrade in quality.) These intraoral images are viewed instantly and can then be stored by the computer indefinitely or printed out just like a photograph. We can access these images whenever we want in order to compare one office examination with another. This also allows us to send copies of these images to other dentists or physicians thereby improving our ability to consult on issues that may be of strategic importance. A picture is truly worth a thousand words.

Some of the conditions we can see with an intraoral camera that are difficult to see with the naked eye include : various types of oral pathology and lesions, broken fillings and other types of restorations, cracked teeth, a variety of gum conditions and cavities in areas that are difficult to see and reach. You will be amazed by the quality of the images and just how diagnostic they really are.

 For your safety and that of our staff, we have a strong emphasis on infection control. Providing a safe environment for our patients and staff is critical in order to minimize the risk of spreading disease. All hand pieces and equipment are heat sterilized for each patient. Gloves and masks are part of our comprehensive plan to protect you, with an optimal number of disposable items and protective barriers. We have worked to build and maintain an aseptic environment our Staff will gladly share the whole process with you or discuss any concerns you might have. This office took many years and countless hours of hard work to design. It houses the latest in dental technology and the most modern equipment available today. The treatment rooms are equipped to allow us to deliver dental care in the most efficient and comfortable way possible. It’s a pleasant place to be, and we all try our best to make your visit a stress-free and enjoyable experience.
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